something new.

Hello blog world!

I was thinking of starting something new, I felt like I was doing nothing just sitting around, so just for a little change, I thought I would make my very own blog. Sometimes you want to share your random thoughts, ideas and advice with someone, sometimes you want to tell someone something. Sometimes you want to do something but you can't. I know I'm making no perfect sense, but, I will continue to type away anyway. Well let me introduce you to myself. I am Bea. I smile a lot, I like staying happy, I like being happy and I love keeping people around me happy! However I do like keeping my life a little mystery and of course not to be exposing too much, because that will be no fun! I will be posting on almost everything! Depending on how I feel of course, sharing some experiences with you, things I love, enjoy and maybe some tips&advice. Anyway, my world is a different world. I'm an ordinary girl from the UK. I hope you find my blog fun fun fun to read as I am a little crazyy. Do expect to see some posts on fashion, make up, skin care, MUSIC, not to miss my love of sweets and chocolates! One last thing.. My blog will be filled with complete RANDOMNESS!! 
Much Love Bea xoxo