essie nail lacquer.

My new love, essie.

Nails are SO important for me! Not only do they tell the people you meet about yourself, but they also make you feel good. Well actually that's a lie.. not every girl likes to paint their nails however, people like me.. it makes us feel good!! 
I've been painting my nails for the past five years, non-stop. It's a sort of.. umm.. addiction. Once you start you just can not stop. I know it can be bad for your nails (the removing process) but when you're going through the right nail care steps, everything is safe to use (in my world of course). I will  post on nail care later in my blog life! Anyway back to myself. I like to change my nail colour every week. There was a time when I changed my nail colour twice a week, depending on which brand I used and the quality of course. I've been through SO many brands & so many colours BUT the one brand and colour I have fallen SO in love with is this beauty, essie - not just a pretty face
I can not stress how much I LOVE this. It's just beautiful, natural and perfect for everyday wear. The colour lasts long enough, it dries up super fast too. It has only been two weeks since I've purchased it and I can not get enough of it! I am so excited to purchase new colours this week!! I usually add a hint of glitter or a random patterns if I'm feeling funky! 
This is all.. Goodnight! ", x


  1. Hey! i followed you off instagram LOL.
    It's great to see you've started your own blog!
    but one quick tiny idea... get the Google Friend Connect app thing on your blog and then people can actually follow you; and keep up to date with your posts! :D
    (Layout > add a gadget > followers) it's the one with 3green men.

    just a helpful tip maybe :)
    YazmiinAktar xoxo

  2. This sounds good! Think i might try this!! :-)


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