This post will not relate to many of you or it may, but I just want to share some of my thoughts with you all. I am aware that we all come from different walks of life, different backgrounds, upbringings and cultures. However one thing that should remain the same.. is respect. Respecting our elders. Those who have always cared for us, looked after us and who have always remained by our side. 

I love my parents dearly, they mean the world to me and I appreciate each and every thing they have done for me. They are the reason I am the person I am. They have made me into the woman I am. I respect them and care for them, they are beautiful. Beautiful in each and every way. Alhamdulillah. 

I hate seeing the negativity some teenagers spit out. The harsh words, hurtful phrases. Without realising maybe.. Of how ill-mannered they really are. Blinded to know that they are breaking each and every inch of their loved ones heart. Respect? Where has it disappeared to? 

Why do you forget that she is the one who looked after you when you fell ill, she sacrificed her nights by staying up.. early hours of the morning when you cried, stroking you until you fell asleep. He was the one who fed you when your stomach cried for hunger but you did not know how to talk. He is the one who picked you up when you fell, so why do you behave this way? Why do you think that you are not loved by them? If you don't think that then why do your actions show that is how you feel? 

Do you forget who taught you to walk, who taught you to read and write, how to ride your bike. Who walked you to school every morning, and made your meals for you. Have you forgotten who bought the toys you played with. Who bathed you making sure you look tidy. Don't forget how much they've done for you and that you owe them a hell of a lot more than just disrespecting, shouting and ignoring them. 

When they tell you not to do something, or to stay away from certain things. To speak in a certain manner just remember there is always a benefit in what they say, parents only want the best for you, they only want to protect you, so why foul your mouth? A loud voice of yours, the way you speak, when will you learn to control that? 

"Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands." Anne Frank

If you talk to your parents in such a manner, then is that how you will talk to those who are in your life in the future? Your partner, your children? You need to start making small changes in your life, if not now then when will you?

Do you realise that we are not in this world forever? If you don't show respect, show honesty, show appreciation. Then how would you feel if the one you are disrespecting, your mother or father, if they were to leave this world tomorrow and you had not had a chance to hug and tell them that you love them, or thank them, or show that you've appreciated everything they've done for you. How guilty would you feel? How hurt would you feel? Would it be too late to realise? Is that pain and hurt what you deserved? Or maybe it would not bother you at all because after all, you didn't care anyway. Because you were selfish and cold hearted. 

It angers me how boys and girls can not appreciate and respect those around them, who they are living with. Most importantly, they can not respect the respectable. Those who have done their very best to do everything for them. Their family. Yet when they're in a professional environment it is easier to respect colleagues, and others who are not related or have no personal connection. 

If you are blessed with a mother, father, or someone who took their responsibility to raise you and sacrificed their nights for you. If they treated you well and always wanted the best for you then please don't hurt them. Show respect and appreciate them, because we are not here forever. And remember treat others how you wish to be treated

This life is temporary. 

If you made it to the bottom of this post, then I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for reading! To those who leave their feedback thank you so incredibly much. It really helps me continue with my blogging! I really hope you liked this post, but I am also sure many will disagree or will not relate! 


  1. Hello

    I'd just like to say that respect works both ways. Not everybody was brought up in a loving respectful manner. If a child is disrespectful its learnt either by a family that has no or low self respect for themselves. People always say she fed you, she clothed you, she changed your dirty nappies but isnt this the role of a mother? This is something as children we didn't have much awareness of. We didn't ask to be born. It was our mother and father that chose to be parents. Its not just about our start in life. I think when we become more aware that some parents don't learn to adapt with the fact that their child is becoming a person of their own. What about children who get abused mentally and physically as they grow older. Why would they have respect for parents who seem to be out to ruin them. If a child, teen or adult is angry and disrespectful. There is always a reason. Parents can't just look after their children when their small and expect that to be a declaration of love. If a child as they grow older is not shown respect and equality why would they respect their parents. I don't believe its okay for a parent to disrespect their child and expect to be respected. I personally come from a negative violent family. So I myself have very little respect for them. Why would I respect people who shout and use intimidation to enforce their rules. Would you respect that? If parents enforce the I matter you don't rule of course they are going to disrespect you because you aren't even acknowledging them as a person. I have had many people disagree with my point. But the low self worth and confidence I have now I know stems from my upbringing. How can I have respect for people like that? I don't like walking on eggshells I don't like to be ignored and I don't like being told how to dress I just don't see respect in any of that. Some people are okay with a strict family but I cannot see how they don't feel trapped. I am not insulting your blog post I just wanted to try and answer your question so instead of having anger towards these disrespectful children maybe you could understand. X


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