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I love buying gifts!! Don't you just love gift shopping? don't worry this post isn't just about gifts.

Especially around this time of the year. Christmas is around the corner so stores are stocked in with lots of amazing gifts and goodies!!! I honestly just want to buy something for everyone, there are so many gifts out there to suit each and every person. Wish money really grew on trees ey! 

Slippers and bath sets for cosy individuals, tea and coffee sets for tea lovers.. Boxes of sweets, nightwear, perfume gifts sets, candles .. CLOTHES BAGS MAKE-UP SHOES and it goes on!!! Oh I just want everything!                                                                                   keep reading pls. 

I certainly do love this time of the year, Manchester holds amazing Christmas markets which open on 15th November! HOW EXCITING?! I'm super excited, hope you are too. I will definitely take lots of snap shots for you all to see this year (those who live outside of the UK). 

I visited the Manchester Zara store which re-opened yesterday after a well deserved make-over which took place just in time before xmas, it looks absolutely fabulous the best looking store by far!! 

It was crazy busy however I still somehow managed to add so many things to my wishlist!! qwaiosjdhb winter wardrobe hel--ooo! *wave*                  thanks for reading.

I have a lot more to talk about but I think we should talk another time with some interesting things! Hope this wasn't too boring! Hope you're all enjoying your last few weeks of the year 2013, how scary! I do not know where this year has gone, 2014 here we come! 

Goodnight lovely readers, xo

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