enjoying the rare beautiful weather.


Hey guys!
Thought I'd do a super quick post on the beautiful weather which we have had here in Manchester for two whole days! The sunshine brings a burst of energy and excitement, as we are known as the kingdom of rain (it just never stops raining) which does make us miserable!

It really is crazy how much the weather can affect us humans, our moods are reflected by the rain and sunshine. Sometimes the rain can calm us, but other times it is just annoying, especially when all we have is rain! And after all too much of anything is so not good for us!

Anyway, I really do hope you have enjoyed the sun where ever in the world you may be! I spent my sunshine filled days in a pretty park, where I have been coming with my family since I was a little girl! It's a sort of tradition now, my little sister is totally obsessed with it too!

Here are some pictures I took while I was there to remind myself that we too have a beautiful summery atmosphere and knowing we will not be having the sun around for long, and I will most likely forget that Manchester can feel relaxing too!


Hope you liked them! Hope we have lots more sunny shine!


  1. What is this park called? It looks amazing!

  2. wooow very beautiful! I hope to visit this place someday :)

    I followed you! your blog is interesting =)

    Balsam - www.albalsamlife.com


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