valentines day.

Hey thur pretty ladiessss!

Well valentines day has just passed by and so I thought I should write a little something about it as every year I have the same thoughts about valentines day!

Everyone thinks differently so I am sure most of you may disagree with me but hey!

Firstly, I absolutely dislike those who say 'it's just another day..' come on! It's just a little something to look forward to, it doesn't matter if you're single! I strongly believe single people can celebrate valentines day just as much as those who are in a relationship. there are many people who do not believe in celebrating valentines day, I personally don't see the harm in showing some love to the person or people you love and appreciate in your life.

It could be that you give a little something to your mother, your father, your sisters or brothers. Or go out for a meal with your friends, or even have a cute night in with your girliess!

My family love celebrating everything so we always have something going on! This year I decided to do something really different and took on the role as a chief in the kitchen, and baked away! I made a heart shaped red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream style icing filling! yummyyy! everyone loved it unexpectedly ha! (some pictures below) I also received pretty flowers and a gift!

I hope you all had a special day and to those who didn't I hope you still had a lovely day!