essie nail lacquer pt2.

(essie is amazing)

SO! I have finally got around to posting on three new colours! Which I received from my little sister as a part of my birthday present. I am an incredibly lazy blogger! I have used them all a couple of times but, I have not taken any pictures! So unfortunately today, you will not be able to see the result of these beauties! However, I will  upload some images soon!

Starting from top left we have Sexy Divide! This is a bold deep purple with hints of shimmer, I have never been a great fan of shimmery nail colours but this purple is pretty amazing, the shimmer in this nail varnish just adds extra sparkle to your nails which really does make you feel sexy!
Colours in the photograph have turned out duller!

Next we have Merino Cool!  I love love la love this sensuous autumn mulberry colour, in other words this is a dull purple/grey. No shimmer just gloss! This is definitely my new fav!

And finally on the right we have Russian Roulette! I have been looking for a bright red for a while, and this was just perfect! This beauty is a classic bright red cream with subtle orange undertones (which does the trick for brightening the colour up).
There is a wide range of reds to choose from and I know it can get difficult, but if you are looking for something bright and red then you should get hold of this cos' I sure am loving it!

I am so excited to try out my recent purchase of a matte top coat! I am certainly loving the black matte on nails! I will keep you updated with how my matte application goes, along with something new!


I would love to know what you are thinking of my blog so far, so feel free to comment below! 


  1. aah! the Merino Cool looks gorgeous..i've been looking for the perfect mulberry shade for so long and this one looks good.

    and love your blog =)


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