Life is Full of Lessons

From the moment we are born our trials and tribulations begin.
We slowly begin to crawl - it's not that easy though.. we slip and fall several times and after many failed attempts we succeed to crawl.   

This is only the beginning of our learning journey.. We observe adults around us.. we too want to stand up now, just how everyone else is walking on their feet... we want to be able to balance like them. Another challenge we have to face, another not-so-easy task to complete. We hold onto things and receive support from the adults and siblings caring for us. Once again we hurt ourselves, we fall.. but we all learn to walk in the end don't we? Some of us take longer than others. But we get there in the end because no matter how many times we fall.. we'll just get right up and carry on.


Does this sound quite familiar? As we grow older we can relate this process to
when we progress e.g. in schools and education. Each one of us learn at a different pace. Each and everyone of us.We move on to high school, college, university and then we finally graduate. Yes it's a struggle. Yes it's stressful. But just how we learn to walk.. we also learn to get through it all. We do this by not giving up, which leads us to great success...  It's the same process..!

Teachers guide us through our school years telling us the correct way to solve math problems, writing a letter etc.  The same way our parents/carers correct our mistakes. They guide us, tell us what is wrong and what is right. They teach us how to become that perfect human being. They always want the best for us.


Throughout our lives we have these important people around us. They are much wiser and experienced. They're there for a reason. 

If we can make those mistakes as children who says we can't make them as adults? It's worse as we grow older actually, we believe that only we are right and that we don't need any sort of support or opinions. In fact adults need people to support/guide/advise and correct them - just as much as they did as when they were younger. 


Life is full of lessons. And if you're someone who doesn't make any mistakes instead you watch and observe around you. You tend to learn from others mistakes, which is great!! 

But I know majority of us are not like that, it's not that simple! You may be someone who makes these constant mistakes or even just the wrong decision.   Don't beat yourself up over it. Speak, reach out and listen. Listen and think if you're lucky enough to have these wiser/experienced people around you try to  appreciate their words and efforts to help, guide and support you. Making mistakes and learning from them only mould us into the people we become today and are tomorrow. Learn from your bad/wrong decisions and mistakes and become that wiser stronger person. 


We are all in this journey together. You're never alone, we are all one. We should all be there for each other and never walk away from someone who may need some help. You might change their life.. This learning journey never stops, though! We're constantly growing, learning and becoming better human beings. 


Just because our lives are full of lessons
and some of us make mistakes. 
It doesn't mean that it will stop you
from doing the things you're doing.
Nothing can ever stop you. 

Because if you keep going and never give up 
you will still make it to wherever you are meant to be.




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