International Womens Day

Instagram Post Repost. 


Happy International Woman's day to all my beautiful ladies out there! Today is about empowerment and appreciation. It has been amazing to witness how young girls appreciate, admire and acknowledge the difference women have made in the world today. Today young girls have been dressing up as inspirational women from all over the world. Some have dressed up as their Mothers! When an eight year old told me, how much she appreciates her mother and how her mother has worked hard looking after her, loving her and her family.. I can't quite put into words how it made me feel. Hats off to those mothers (including mine) who live their life for their families. Others dressed up as activists such as Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks, Angela Davis. We've even had a Coco Chanel! And many more. They've all made a difference in the world, we will only have more women making differences. You can too be one of these women (or you can raise one)!We can all make a difference for today, for the future, for the world. Happy International Women's day