Healthy Eating - My Journey So Far.

Eating healthily is absolutely everything. I have had zero spare time in the past few months to even think about writing a new post, however I couldn't resist myself from typing away tonight no matter how tired I was! I just have to share this with you all. 

So for those who know me closely, are aware that I have been eating super clean for the past six months. You wouldn't believe that I had no fizzy drinks, no juices, no sweets, no chocolates, no sugar, no caffeine, no frozen or preserved foods. I had nothing that was unhealthy. Instead I had water, I had fruit, I had vegetables, salads, chicken but no lamb, no spices. Just plain and simple, fresh foods and an apple every single day. 

And do you know what happened? I can honestly say that I started to feel so good about myself, I lost weight, my skin improved SO MUCH. I was just so much happier and healthier. 

But now, it has been a few weeks since I have stopped the healthy eating and since then I have started having chocolates, desserts, and all the bad things again. I have not had any fruit, I haven't drank enough water. I have the busiest days so I just take a short cut and grab that bar of chocolate, or grab a few biscuits - and I think they will power me up? 

Do you know what's happened to me now? I don't feel as fresh as I used to anymore, my skin is getting worse, and I feel fat! - Ughh!! 

The point of this post is to just tell you all that honestly, healthy eating really is absolutely everything, it really does make a difference. Those who suffer from skin problems, all you need to do is change your diet. If you suffer from weight problems, all you need to do is change your diet. If you suffer from any other problems, changing your diet will most definitely fix those! (excluding any educational, relationship problems!) 

All it takes is some self control and dedication, and you can make it happen too! - I really want to go back to how I kept my diet over the past few months and bring the healthy self back! 

Have a good week and I will write again soon!