As you already know stereotyping is just about generalising a group of people, and believing that they are all the SAME. We have to admit that at one point or another we have all generalised something. We have all 'judged the book by its cover'. Some of us just leave it to that, instead of exploring further. If we did look into it a little deeper, begin to read the book, then perhaps we would find something positive about the book which we had judged, and maybe, we would actually have our own opinion on it. Instead of believing what you had heard, you'd have YOUR OWN opinion. That thought, that expectation of the book which was in our head all along and what we had heard from another or even the MEDIA, will be replaced. And then you will begin to realise, that what everyone had said about the book wasn't the same.
So, where does this stereotypical ideology stem from? It's safe to say the media has a huge contribution, not just the TV but, social media too. It's vital for us to take a step back and look at each other from another perspective, we are all humans living on the same planet with a universal ambition to be, and make everyone else, HAPPY! We seem to have evolved into an era in which our nationality, religion, appearance, etc have superseded the value of humanity. It's time to put an end to this, and for us to become one. But no, the media around us is not going to let that happen. So we have to do it ourselves.
There are SO many categories which are stereotyped every single day. Gender, Race, Religion, Ethnicity, Age, Physical appearance, Profession, Disability.. Nationality etc. the list is never ending. It's a problem. A big problem.
I came across this powerful video (click here to viewwhich shows how easy it is for people to generalise and stereotype a gender, for example. But how does it make that specific gender feel? Insulted, hurt, picked on? Yes. It's knocking the girls' confidence down. That's what is happening all around the world right now. And this video is a reminder that not all of us girls are the same. Just because one girl may have ran in that specific way, it certainly does not mean that all girls run the same way.
If one person does something wrong, it is certainly NOT because of their race, religion or nationality. It is simply because he/she has a brain of their own and has chosen to use it in a negative way. I am quite sick and tired of seeing how one religion or ethnicity is picked upon and generalised because of a few stupid individuals. The same or similar, bad or wrong acts can be done by different groups of nationalities  and that is not because of the category they belong to. It's simply because of themselves, their INDIVIDUAL self.
We need to stop judging and stereotyping people. We need to stop labeling people with their gender/religion/physical appearance. Stop blaming that certain religion or race. Start looking at the individual only. The GOOD PEOPLE and BAD PEOPLE. There are good and bad people in EVERY group, in EVERY religion, in EVERY nation and EVERY gender. So is it really fair to generalise? 
Even some high schools and colleges for example are labelled, children which go into high school (A) come out very bad, and children who go into high school (B) come out very good. NO. If a child wants to learn, and knows right to wrong, will come out very good and successful from high school A! It doesn't matter where someone goes, it's about the INDIVIDUAL. How will that individual turn out to be. Although some schools DO have an impact on some children but not all. (Just an example)
So put an end to judgement, put an end to stereotyping. And look at everyone with a clearer view. Not everyone is the same. Be kind, respect and get to know people properly before making a solid judgement. Most importantly, think for yourself and don't be afraid to express your opinions.


Thank you for taking your time to read my blog, these are just my opinions and I am aware not everyone will have the same opinion as me. I hope you enjoyed this post. Don't forget to leave your comments! 

---- Good night and have a fab week! ----