What I've Been Up To & What Has Changed.

Hey guys!

What I've been up to:

Once again I failed to keep up with the consistent blogging! I haven't been up to much lately apart from settling into my final year in university and trying to get my head around studies and tons and tons of researching! I'm already spending most of my time in the library ughh. But how fast have the past two months gone? November is just a day away, ahh November.. birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays! I love birthdays and buying gifts ", but there are too many this season! I can not believe how close the new year is eee! Only two months away. It scares me how fast time flies.

What has changed:

My lifestyle! (again) - Due to very bad acid reflux I've had to change my entire lifestyle. I have never ever been able to stick to any diets/lifestyle changes in the past.  I couldn't go any more than two weeks until I dipped into a dessert. But when it comes down to your own health, and if it comes down to avoiding acid reflux then I think you'll do anything to avoid the horrible experience!

It has now been exactly two months since I changed my diet to avoid acid reflux. After researching I found that I had to avoid any acidic foods, drinks, fruits and vegetables as well as most herbs and spices. And instead take mostly alkaline forming foods. I began my super clean diet with just lean chicken cooked in yogurt salt and pepper, vegetables and fresh salad every single day. Starting my day with a fruit and veg smoothie/juices and I drink only water or freshly squeezed apple juice! It was difficult to begin with but I can not stress how good I feel. I have not had a single pinch of sugar for the past two months, those who know me will know how much of a chocoaholic I was! So I am doing very well!  

Food has always been a big part of my life especially desserts, when meeting friends it's always been about food! - 'Lets go for lunch' 'Lets go for desserts' 'Lets go for a coffee' - I felt so sad to begin with because my other half and I would always go for desserts in the evenings and it felt like that part of my life was completely scraped out. I felt like 'if I can't eat anything, I can't do anything, I can't enjoy life' but no, there is life beyond food. I still hang out with friends we still go to restaurants, and I still go for a one off dessert with my partner, the only difference is I don't eat what I used to. Instead I ask the waiter if my chicken could be plain and grilled, I don't even crave chocolates, cakes or desserts anymore! And I always carry my fruit pot with me! I found I got the most energy from dates. I love dates. They are the sweetest and are filled with so many nutrients! 

You should never feel down about anything, any problems or health issues you may have. Health is clearly one of the most important parts in our lives. Without good health, we are nothing. 

And it's true. You are what you eat! 

I didn't eat the chips or onion rings, I didn't eat any cakes or the cookie dough but these are my favorite snapshots from this month on my Instagram! Don't forget to follow me on my social networks to stay in touch with me! 

Have a Happy Halloween guys and thanks for reading.

Good night.x


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