let's take a peep in my life..

So I'm just sitting here quite bored.. 
I felt like writing something quick and personal!
Let's have a nosey in my life.. 

What have I been up to recently?

I'm preparing myself for the independent life which will 
hit very soon, living with parents is a blessing,
but as years go on, there will come a time
where you have to stand up on your own two feet.
And so here I am preparing myself for the big world.
It's rather hectic I tell you! Don't actually know how
my parents manage it! sdakshjbsjdn 
But my parents have been a great support, I love 
my family, my parents, my sisters they're amazing.

I passed my driving this week! Hooray! I never expected to pass
first time! It was a shock for me as I was quite
irregular with my lessons.. but hey I can drive!! :D 
I have also been learning how to cook, with the pleasure of 
my mother teaching me, the greatest cook the best cook! Those who 
have tasted  my mothers food will certainly agree with me! :) 
I hated the thought of cooking, and kitchen.. It just wasn't me!
However I am quite proud to say that I can now cook! 
(I will start posting some recipes soon maybe.. (",)

Random thoughts..

Life has it's ups and downs. But I always tell myself that
everything happens for a reason. There is always 
always always a reason behind everything. 

Emotions and feelings, we think that they are out of
our control, but in fact we can control them.
We just have to learn how to. Everyone is different 
and has their own way of dealing with things, 
I am still searching for mine.

Emotions and feelings begin by our thoughts, and our thoughts
are generated by thinking. Maybe if we controlled what we 
thought about, we could then control how we felt?
ahh it's all too complicated! wkqajsdhcb

(Picture taken in 2010 by myself)